Lightning Elimination - Overview

Pro-Tek Field Services has selected Lightning Elimination Systems as a supplier and support partner. Lightning Elimination Systems –formed in 1996—is a lightning protection system engineering consulting firm that designs, installs, and maintains customized lightning protection, surge suppression, grounding, and bonding systems. They are the only independent lightning protection EPC company worldwide with extensive experience in all three lightning protection technologies available today - conventional, early streamer, and static dissipation . Our customers such as the U.S. military, Exco Resources, Chesapeake Energy, DuPont, ExxonMobil, Motiva, Noble Drilling, NASA, and more have awarded Lightning Elimination Systems with exclusive Master Service Agreements and designated them as their recommended lightning protection consultants. They have designed and installed over 5000 commercial and industrial facilities for protection of people, property, and processes from risks of direct and indirect lightning strikes.




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