SCADA Protection

Pro-Tek Field Services specializes in lightning protection for oil and gas companies. Petrochemical storage, saltwater disposal, and production tanks are typically in remote areas and need monitoring via radio communication, making necessary to erect towers to support the antenna element. Many SCADA systems consist of long runs of field cabling, sensitivesignaling lines from the RTUs and communications systems with microwave links on tall towers. Lightning strikes, whether direct or induced, can cause damage to sensitive electronics in many parts of the system.

Pro-Tek delivers a three-part standard installation procedure to help mitigate the effects of lightning events.

Streamer Preventing Terminals

Communication devices used to relay information from RTUís to the master control station are generally placed on towers and other elevated sites. As a result they are prone to lightning damage. Providing streamer preventing terminals (SPTs) on top of the tower reduces the likelihood that a strike will attach.

Electronic Surge Protection

Surge protection is essential for protecting crucial electronics within the RTU housing. Lightning Elimination Systems carries a full line of surge protection devices to fit any
application from 4-20ma to 4160 volt.

Grounding & Bonding

Lightning protection always begins with grounding and bonding. Using listed lightning protection conductor and fittings is essential to properly protect a tower during a lightning related event. This system of parts allows for the tremendous amount of energy created by lightning to quickly leave the structure and dissipate into the earth.




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