Surge Protection Device

Pro-Tek Field Services is a company specializing in procurement and installation of lightning protection, surge suppression, grounding, and bonding systems.

Our Surge Protection Devices have been designed and tested in accordance to UL 1449 3rd edition and IEC 61643 requirements. Electrical and electronic equipment in communication, control, instrumentation and automation are highly susceptible to electrical and frequency transients caused by lightning activity.

Transient impulses can be induced due to lightning or switching at utility substations. Effective protection is essential to mitigate the risk of equipment damage and operational downtime. LES Surge Protection Devices meets the universality of application standards by being tested for both IEEE and IEC recognized recommendations and can be applied in the market worldwide.


Transients or Surges are brief but powerful over-voltages and over-currents often accompanied with electromagnetic & radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI) lasting up to a few hundred microseconds, reaching in access of 100,000 Volts. Transient sources vary from external sources such as lightning, power system faults and utility grid switching to internal sources which are generated by load switching. An Optimal Protection Network plan comprised of a layered defense is the best approach in eliminating the destructive effects of both external and internal transients and ensuring that the system survives.


Hybrid circuit with all mode protection

Thermal encapsulation for fail safe guarantee

Internal fusing with 200kA SCCR

Up-to 25-year free replacement warranty

Fixed Clamp and Sinewave tracking options with EMI/RFI filters

DRC, audible alarm, surge counter options

Installation by certified personnel only


Electric Pumping Units

SCADA Protection

Computer Networks

All A/C Powered Equipment




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