Fire Watch

A fire watch is a temporary measure for the purpose of ensuring fire safety on the premises in the event of any act or situation which creates an increased risk to persons or property.

Such an instance would be when hot work is performed, such as welding. It is not uncommon in the oil and gas industry for hot work to cause sparks and flames, which creates a fire hazard.

Personnel assigned to Fire watch are assigned to guard the area where hot work is being performed. They are trained and qualified there to perform essential duties; including standing watch during hot work, identifying unsafe conditions, notifying emergency personnel, and using aggressive fire fighting techniques if needed.

Upon completion of all hot work in the area, the fire watch personnel must remain on watch for 30 minutes. This ensures that nothing is smoldering and any areas where the spark might have traveled can be searched.

Diverse Scaffold Solutions can help you stay in compliance with all regulation by providing you with highly trained fire watch personnel. Whether onshore or off, we have people ready to keep your rigs and wells safe.

Our personnel are trained in the principles, duties, and responsibilities of fire and fire prevention.

Topics covered in the classroom training include:

Portable Fire Extinguishers
Types of Fire Extinguishers
Hot Work Permits
Fire Prevention
Fire Watch Requirements
General Information
Fire Tetrahedron
Inspecting Fire Extinguishers
Types of Fires
Special Hazards
Extinguishing a Fire

Fire Watch Attendants

In conjunction to the classroom portion of the training, the students will also get hands-on training by extinguishing a real fire.


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